Qigong Wu Ming Meridian Therapy — opening a Secret Door to Healing

| April 25, 2011

The cornerstone of The Natural Weight Loss Guide is the Wu Ming Meridian Therapy Qigong movements. Qigong is an ancient energy practice that has been used by the Chinese throughout the ages as a way to help the body, mind, and spirit work as one holistic system. The specific Qigong movements that I’ve chosen are from a tradition known as Wu Ming Qigong. Here, we are going to apply them as meridian therapy to accomplish two things: to help your body’s organ systems work in harmony and to relieve the blockages of Qi that are the root cause of excess weight. Like a jump-start, these Qigong movements can help your Qi flow smoothly throughout your body. A good TCM doctor knows that by increasing and strengthening the flow of a person’s Qi, everything inside the body can change. Things such as mucus and water and fat get stuck in our bodies. By getting your internal battery functioning again and getting Qi to flow, the whole body gets better evenly. That’s why fat and water are eliminated naturally and muscles can become more toned—even without strenuous exercises.

Qigong movements.

Our Natural Weight Loss Guide Wu Ming Meridian Therapy Qigong movements are gentle and relaxing. They are not physical exercises intended to develop muscles. You may, however, find that you’re more flexible after practicing these movements because they gently stretch your tendons as well as your meridians. These meridian stretches are designed to help relieve hunger, stimulate your own healing ability, and increase Qi. To work successfully with The Natural Weight Loss Guide, it is very important to practice these movements daily. They take only about twenty minutes to do from start to finish. Practicing these movements after you complete the six-week program of The Natural Weight Loss Guide will help you to continue your journey to greater health and to maintain the benefits you achieved during the program.


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