Five more of my favorite TCM healing foods for eliminating excess weight

| May 11, 2011

Here are brief descriptions of the healing properties of five more foods I’ve chosen for The Natural Weight Loss Guide.


Celery’s essence is cool. It is very good for increasing stomach Qi and taking the heat out of the body. Too much internal heat can slow down the flow of Qi or cause it to stagnate. Celery can clean out your body and help you release excess water. Also, it can relieve joint pain and promote sound, calm sleep. I always recommend celery for people with diabetes and high blood pressure.


TCM recognizes ginger as one of the most powerful foods for healing. I say that because ginger, whose essence is warm, gets rid of cold conditions in the body. Too much internal cold can also slow down the movement of Qi. Think of what cold does. It causes things to constrict, or congeal. With that in mind, it is useful to know that ginger relieves digestive problems, helps liver Qi flow smoothly, and warms the lung.


Scallions carry a warm essence. They too benefit the liver and stomach, relieving the body of internal cold conditions. Scallions can help alleviate headaches, and rid the body of colds, skin rashes, menstrual difficulties, and infections. For colds with a headache, runny nose, and chills, I recommend that my patients drink this tea: take the white parts of five scallions, chopped, and two pieces of sliced fresh ginger. Bring them to a boil in two cups of water. Strain, add brown sugar, and drink. Take a hot shower, then wrap yourself in a blanket. Repeat for a few days, if necessary. This will warm you from head to toe and will help drive the cold energy out of your body.


Pears, on the other hand, have a cool essence. This wonderful fruit helps relieve heat in the lung. Because pears are a little harder to digest than, let’s say, an apple, I always tell people to eat a pear if you are hungry during and after The Natural Weight Loss Guide. It will keep your digestive system engaged and you’ll feel more full.

Here’s a good recipe for a healing soup that can increase lung Qi and help alleviate coughs in the fall: put a julienne pear, 4-5 sliced almonds, the peel of 1 tangerine and a little honey in 3 cups of water. Simmer slowly for 15 minutes. When finished, remove the tangerine rind and eat for a few days.


Cauliflower has a neutral essence. I recommend it in The Natural Weight Loss Guide because TCM uses it to increase kidney Qi and because it is especially good for constipation.

Remember, foods can have more than one healing property, and for this program, I am especially interested in those that help your liver function more smoothly, and which increase the Qi of your kidney, lung, and spleen.

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